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Contest, Детальна інформація

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1.Task for the laboratory work.

2.Theory part.

2.1. Build-in FoxProw commands

2.2. OLE

3. Practical usage of data of data transfer.

4. Technical facilities & literature used.

5. Applications

1. Task for the laboratory work.

The aim of this work is to show our ability to work with different Microsoft applications & to produce the data exchange  between them, using  build-in commands, OLE instruments & other possible facilities.

In the practical examples we will show the data transfer process using the following Microsoft Applications: FoxPro, Excel & Word.

Also it is necessary to present the theory about the data transfer for it is impossible to use all of them in the examples.    


2. Theory part.

There are several different ways to transfer data from FoxPro to different Microsoft Applications & vice versa.

2.1. Built-in FoxPro commands.

   Operator can use several built-in commands of FoxPro such as Export, Import, Copy and Append from.

   Now we would like to present some helpful information about these operands.

   The format of EXPORT is:


   [FIELDS ]


   [FOR ]

   [WHILE ]


   [[TYPE] DIF | MOD | SYLK | WK1 | WKS | WR1 | WRK | XLS]]


Use EXPORT to use FoxPro data in other software packages. 

If the table/.DBF you are exporting from is indexed, the new file created is created in the indexed order.


Сторінки 1   2   3   4   5   6   7  
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