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English - topics Moscow, Детальна інформація

Тема: English - topics Moscow
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English - topics Moscow

The history of Moscow began in 1147, and since then Moscow has always had a leading position in the life of the whole country. It is the political, cultural, scientific centre of Russia.

Coming to Moscow for the first time, many tourists start sightseeing with Red Square. In Red Square they visit St.Basil's ($ ) Cathedral, a masterpiece of ($ ) ancient Russian ($ ) architecture. It was built in memory of the victory over Kazan in 1552 The monument standing in front of St.Basil's Cathedral tells us of the people's victory over Polish invaders in 1612. On the monument you can read the following words: "To citizen Minin and Prince Pozharsky from grateful Russia".

On the territory of the Kremlin we can see the Bell Tower of Ivan the Great built in the 15th century. At its foot there is another ancient monument - the Tsar Bell weighing 200 tons.

Opposite the Cathedral is the Museum of History.

If you are interested in arts you'd better visit the Tretyakov Art Gallery which contains fantastic Russian icons, monumental paintings and historical themesperformed by Peredvizhniki, Repin, Surikov, Levitan and other great artists. If you visit the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts you'll ($ ) admire the ($ )magnificent display of West-European paintings of the 13th-20th centuries.

Moscow has over 60 historical, art, natural science and literary museums, memorial houses and flats, exhibition halls.

Moscow is a city of world-famous theatres. The Bolshoi Theatre was opened in 1825. Its ($ ) repertoire includes more then 50 operas and ballets. The Maly Drama theatre, the Moscow Art Theatre, the Obraztsov Central Puppet Theatre enjoy great ($ ) popularity.

Moscow has excellent sports ($ ) facilities. The Lenin stadium and the Moscow Sports Complex "Olympijski" are the largest sports complexes in my country. Moscow is a city of science. It has hundreds of scientific institutions and higher education establishments, among which is Moscow Power Engineering Institute.

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Moscow power engineering institute (technical university) - in brief - mpei

Moscow Power Engineering Institute is state higher education institute and has the status of technical university.

MPEI is well-known as one of the largest Technical Universities of Russia in the fields of power engineering, electrical engineering, electronics, informatics, computer science. It has modern educational and scientific laboratories, large experimental facilities, educational-scientific heat station, educational-scientific TV centre. It has the Special Design Bureau which deals with deep space communication systems, several centres of deep space communication in different regions of Russia. More than 1500 computers (large, medium and personal) and modern technological equipment are distributed through the MPEI Departments. MPEI is training the specialist for the foreign countries during 50 years and now the students of 68 countries are trained in MPEI. For large successes in training of high-qualified engineers and scientific researchers MPEI was ($ ) officially awarded by two Russian orders and six orders of different foreign countries.

Many famous foreign persons have got the education in MPEI:

Ion Iliesku, the President of Romania, Li Peng, the Prime-Minister of the State Council of China, Vladimir Dvorjecek, the Director of TESLA (Czekia).

Moscow Power Engineering Institute was founded at 1930 on the base of ($ )Faculty of Electrical Engineering of Moscow Technical University named after Bauman and of Faculty of Electrical Industrial Engineering of the Institute of National Economy named after Plekhanov.

Now MPEI has the main residence in Moscow and three branches: in Kazan, in Smolensk, in Volzgskij. Total quantity of students in Moscow is about 20’000

The educational and research activity of MPEI is directed to training the Bachelors of Science, Engineers and Masters ofScience in the very wide fields of modern Power Engineering,Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Computer Science;

There are several faculties:

Power Engineering Industry Faculty Thermal Power Engineering Faculty Industrial Heat Engineering Faculty Electromechanical Faculty Faculty of Electrical Equipment and Automatization of industry and transport Electrical Power Engineering Faculty (???) Faculty of Automatics and Computers faculty of Electronics technologies Radio Engineering Faculty Power Physics Faculty

In accordance with MPEI`s Charter MPEI has the right to award to its` graduates the following academic degrees:

($ ) Bachelor of Science in Engineering (Bch. Sc.); Diplomized Engineer (Dipl. Eng.); Master of Science in Engineering (Ms. Sc.); Doctor of Philosophy in Engineering and Doctor of Philosophy in Mathematics and Physics (Ph.D.);

Duration of studding in MPEI is from 4 years (for Bachelors) to 9 years (for Doctors)

Great Britain 1. General

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British ($ ) Isles. It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. England, Wales and Scotland ($ ) occupy the territory of Great Britain. Northern Ireland is situated in the northern part of Ireland. The territory of the United Kingdom is about 244 square kilometres. His the 75th place among other countries in the world. The population is over 55 million. About 80% of the population is ($ ) urban. The capital of the country is London.

2. Geographical position and physical features:

The surface of Great Britain ($ )varies ($ )greatly. The northern and western part of the country is mountains and is called the Highlands. All the rest (south, east and centre) is a ($ ) vast plain which is called the Lowlands. The mountains are not very high. The rivers are not long. The most important of them are the Severn and the Thames. There are many beautiful lakes in the ($ )mountainous parts of the country.

3. Climate

The mountains, the Atlantic Ocean and the warm waters of the Gulf Stream influence the climate of Great Britain.

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